This is the very first online course on Taoist health philosophy and Tonic herbalism. Rehmannia Dean Thomas has created this audio, video and hands-on-herbs course to be concise and inexpensive - with the intention of teaching the core principles of Taoist health philosophy. ENROLL TODAY  

Taoist Tonic herbalism and its philosophy is the most exquisitely perfected health system ever constructed in Human history. Listen to a free download of our introduction, and we think you'll agree. Jump into this inexpensive ten month course, which includes a whole-herb formula of Tonic herbs every month, and we believe you will see many more facets of life afterward, as well as discover the fascinating alchemy of Tonic herbalism.

Gate Of Life Course

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Welcome to The Gate of Life!

New News!! As the Sun reaches midpoint, the energies of Nature begin to retreat back into the Earth – it is time to harvest and give thanks for the bounty. In Chinese culture the Harvest Moon is a time of celebrating the bounty of the earth. As the Equinox passes on September 23, the new moon signifies the beginning of Autumn, a time to reflect on dreams and visions.

Gate of Life is offering our yearly special to help you envision your perfect health through Taoist Tonic Herbs. Use the code HarvestMoon2014 to receive $45 discount on our signature Gate of Life course. Also this year, we are pleased to include as a bonus, an autographed copy of Raw Chi by Rehmannia. This offer ends Oct 31, and supplies of the book are limited, so please join us!


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