Course Syllabus

Our course offers a free audio introduction on an overview and ethics of Taoist Health Philosophy, and what you will learn from this course. In this audio, we will take a glimpse into the Taoist health ideology and Tonic herbal alchemy. Learn that we must take our time to let this wisdom be absorbed into our lives. Intro is free to download.

Introduction: Rehmannia and David Wolfe met at the Eden Retreat in March 2009. After a brief discussion, David asked to film Rehmannia. Here Rehmannia initiated David into many details of Taoist herbology in one of the first definitive discussions to be filmed on the Three Treasures. In this hour long presentation, he gives a brief overview of the history and origins of Taoist herbology and concise overview of Jing, Chi and Shen.

Free Audio Course Introduction:

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Free Video Course Introduction:

Month / Lesson 1

Part 1: Where did herbalism begin? And how?
Part 2: Origins of Taoist philosophy: Yin and Yang
Part 3: Origins of Herbalism (2975 B.C ), Shen Nong and the Gate of Life school.
Part 4: Taoism Emerges (500 B.C.)

Video “Origins of life”
“Healing Thresholds” &
Herb Formula “Thyself Cleanse”

Month / Lesson 2

Part 1: Why are herbs and foods classify differently and why do we need both in our diet?
Part 2: What is a “Tonic” herb?

Video “Origins of herbalism”
Herb formula “1st Chakra – Base”

Month / Lesson 3

Part 1. What is the Tao?
Part 2. Who is a “Taoist?”

Video “Taoist Health Philosophy”
Herb Formula “Reishi Spirit Potion”

Month / Lesson 4

Jing: Life accumulated, physical matter and the capacity to reproduce

Video [2] “Jing”
Herb formula “2nd Chakra – Root”

Month / Lesson 5

Chi, the Flame of metabolism and evolutionary change

Video [2] “Chi”
Herb Formula “3rd Chakra Power”

Month / Lesson 6

Shen: The Light, what is learned

Video [2] “Shen”
Herb Formula “4th Chakra – Heart”

Month / Lesson 7

Part 1: Protection: immune and protecting the healing energies
Part 2: Spirit/Body cleansing
Part 3: Adaptability

Video “Adaptability and Protection”
Herb formula “Protection”

Month / Lesson 8

No Audio

Video [2]
3 Treasures in Women’s Health
3 Treasures in Men’s Health

Herb Formula “Intimacy”

Month / Lesson 9

Part 1. Sourcing high quality herbs
Part 2. Herbal alchemy
Part 3. Herbal formulas
Part 4. Extraction techniques

Video – To be announced

Herb Formula “6th Chakra – Perception”


Inspirational Overview: Life’s learnings as seen in a walnut seed.

Video “Ladybug Hill”

Herb Formula 7th Chakra – Crown